HP Pavilion dv6-6120ee Entertainment Notebook PC

There's a certain HP style these days, with curved edges, large trackpads and subtle engravings on the case. That signature style is there in the Pavilion dv6, a machine designed to look good in a modern home.
Manufacturer: HP
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The subtle grain pattern on the dv6's lid is much less defined than many other HP case designs, with a slightly raised HP logo that glows white when the dv6 is powered up. Open the lid and there’s a metal palm rest with the same slight grained pattern.

comfortable and the groove of the grain means your hands aren't sliding all around the keyboard while you're trying to play Portal or fill out a complex spreadsheet. You'll find your hands neatly placed over the slightly recessed keyboard, making typing very comfortable - despite the lack of any real keyboard rake.

Like most of HP's laptops, the dv6 has a chiclet-style keyboard, with widely spaced black keys that are easy to find, even if you have large fingers. There's plenty of travel and good action with a nice click to the spacebar. As this is a widescreen machine, there's enough space for a numeric keypad, though this does leave the keyboard slightly offset from the large, illuminated trackpad.

Gamers will appreciate the option of using the numeric keypad as an additional, much larger, set of direction keys. The keys aren't backlit, something that's slightly distracting when compared with the glowing border around the trackpad, and combined with the narrow font used for the letters on the keys, this makes the dv6 a machine for brightly lit rooms.